Independent Living Skills Development

Learning skills that will assist someone in living independently in the community.

Mobility- Making oneself aware of surroundings and how to navigate them.

Transportation- Showing individuals how the transportation system works, what are the transportation options, applying for if necessary, etc…

Housing- Writing questions to ask, role playing conversations with landlords, saving money for security deposits, finding furniture, organizing the move, enlisting help, reading ads, the search, understanding a lease, knowing one’s rights, etc…

Finances- Budgeting, shopping on a budget, banking, setting up bank accounts and managing them, writing and depositing checks, making withdrawals, paying bills, etc…

Nutrition: Shopping on a budget, storing food safely, meal planning, learning the layout of stores, reading receipts, etc…

Communication- Learning body language, role playing, organizing the messages one is trying to convey before communicating, asking questions without offending others, using other forms of communication, etc…

Medications- Learning about medications, filing prescriptions, making schedules of when they need to be taken, etc..

Assistive Technology: Learning about devices/technology that can assist with everyday living, such as equipment for people with the use of one hand, talking devices for blind individuals, etc.

Individual Advocacy: assisting individuals to advocate for their personal needs. This could include: advocating for a sign language interpreter for a meeting, advocating to have a meeting place changed to accommodate someone who uses a wheelchair, advocating with a school to provide a communication device for a child, etc.

Eligibility and Service Area
Children and adults with any type of disability living in Broome, Chenango and Tioga Counties are eligible for these services.

Peer Counseling and IL Supervisor
Phone: (607) 724-2111 or toll free at (877) 722-9150 (Voice and TTY)
Fax: (607) 772-3611

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