PEER Counseling

Peer counseling provides the one-on-one informal support from someone who has “been there” and has “lived experience.” A peer counselor is a personal with a disability who provides non-clinical counseling and support to each individual they work with. They serve as a peer mentor by understanding the day-to-day challenges faced by individuals with disabilities or diagnoses. They support and empower people to achieve independence through their own examples of consumer control and by sharing their own personal experiences.

A Peer Counselor is someone who:

  • Has a disability
  • Offers guidance without taking control
  • Offers assistance and support
  • Can advocate and empower others to advocate for themselves
  • Will listen without judgment
  • Will assist people to take control of their own lives
  • Will assist people in creating a road map of their future
  • Will assist others in becoming the person they want to be
  • Will challenge people to dream
  • Is a mentor and role-model for others who have a disability.

We believe Independence starts with EMPOWERMENT and empowerment begins with each person!

STIC’s peer counselors believe in the Person Centered approach. They can walk you through the steps of navigating barriers you may be experiencing. Some examples are, getting along with your peers, family, going to college or living in your own home just to name a few.  There are laws that protect people with disabilities and STIC’s peer counselors can offer guidance on them as well. Another strength of our peers is helping people find creative solutions to do everyday tasks.

STIC has a peer counselor on staff who is blind and can work with others who or are blind or visually impaired. He is familiar with technology for people who are blind or visually impaired and has experience making his own home accessible.  He can also assist in setting up services with A.V.R.E. and the Commission for the Blind as well as other services you may need.

STIC’s Peer Counseling services usually go hand in hand with Independent Living Skills Development Click here to learn more about Independent Living Skills Development

Peer counseling is available to anyone of any age (children and adults) who self-identifies as having a disability


Service Area

Broome, Tioga or Chenango counties

Peer Counseling and IL Supervisor
Phone: (607) 724-2111 ext. 356

Fax: (607) 772-3611