Behavior AND counseling Services

BEHAVIORAL SUPPORT SERVICES –  Our Program Design Specialist assists children and adults with disabilities and their families to find ways to address behavioral challenges, as well as to increase independence, social skills development, community inclusion activities, and family training. Services are designed to meet individual needs, as well as those of household members, school personnel, and others as appropriate, with the goal of improving behaviors and the quality of life for consumers and their families.

CHILDREN AND FAMILY MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING PROGRAM –  Our mental health counseling program aims to provide individualized and unique counseling services to youth who are diagnosed with a developmental disability and are also experiencing mental health issues. In addition, the program offers counseling and support to family members. We can also consult with schools and other professionals who are involved in the care of the youth to ensure that treatment remains consistent across all settings.

PROFESSIONAL COUNSELING   STIC’s professional counseling services are centered around the individual and/or family members. Our Certified Social Workers assist with finding the best ways to cope with stress, family, emotional, disability and other personal concerns.