Heartening Progress, Great Challenges

By Jennifer Watson

The outcome of the SFY 2024-25 NYS budget presented a mixed bag for New Yorkers with disabilities. In many ways it demonstrated NY’s commitment to ensuring that people with disabilities are valued and have access to supports and services, and with equal and opposite force it revealed quite the contrary.

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Bad Faith Hochul Performs Sleight-of-Hand with Budget Proposals

In our last newsletter, we alerted our readers to Governor Kathy Hochul’s reckless budget proposals, most launched 30 days after the initial proposal in the amendment period, which seemed a bit like a dirty trick. (It was, but as we will see, it was just Step 1).

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STIC Fights to Preserve CDPA

When the governor’s budget, with its savage cuts to programs critical to our mission, was unleashed upon us on February 1st, and even more so when her 30-day amendments compounded the threat, STIC did not falter, but got to work fighting these unjust and awful ideas.

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