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Dec 25 thru Jan 1 – Closed for Christmas Break

Jan 2 – STIC reopens for 2024

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Imagine a world that is accessible to everyone–where no barriers to independence exist; where you’re allowed to be yourself and free to let your disability be just one more part of you. Together we can shape this world. Join the Independent Living (R)evolution! Our unity can be a potent force for change.

In addition to providing services, the Southern Tier Independence Center is a gathering place for people and information. Our joint efforts in understanding the issues and concerns of people with disabilities can pave the way to this more accessible world.

The Center believes that people have the right to be responsible for making their own choices. By working with you rather than for you, we respect your ability to know what’s best for you.

If any of our services seem like a good option for you, we’d like to meet you! All services are free unless otherwise indicated.

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Xscapes Bucks are on sale for the holidays.

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To register:


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Xscapes are interactive adventure based escape room scenarios. Escape rooms are a rapidly growing popular entertainment adventure. You are part of a team of players who are placed in a room filled with puzzles and the clues that you need to solve the adventure. You have one hour to escape the scenario successfully. Can your team do it? Are you and your companions observant, logical, problem solvers with the inherent talentand knowledge to win in record time? Can you collaborate performing as a team, each member applying their particular talents and insights to the challenge at hand, keeping sight of the overall goal? This isn’t a board room meeting on “team building”, This is the test: Time to Function. Get yourselves some bragging rights. Think yourselves out of the big box. Simon Says: Assemble your team, and have some hands-on fun.

Cost is per player – minimum is 4 players to book a room and can have up to 8 players maximum players. Whether you have 2 players or 3 players, you must pay for at least 4 spots to reserve a room. Other players can join you unless you click to purchase a private room. We suggest everyone start with VALLEY of the KINGS first. 

Cost per player is 25.00 for Valley of the Kings and Exit Protocol

Cost per player is 30.00 for Twilight Zone or Wizard and Dragon


Call (607) 760-3322 for possible last minute bookings if available