in-person assistor / navigator

Position: In-Person Assistor/Navigator

Hours: Full-time 35 hours per week


  1. Associates Degree in Health or Human Services field and 1 year of experience providing information or assistance to consumers or advocates on insurance or health care access issues.

  2. Strong interpersonal, communication, and writing skills.

  3. Excellent organization skills and attention to detail.

  4. Excellent computer skills including knowledge of database software.

  5. Ability to effectively interact and work with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

  6. Ability to multi-task and work effectively in both a team and individual setting.

  7. Ability to manage a complex workload in varied work environments.

  8. Knowledge of Medicaid, Family Health Plus, and Child Health Plus, preferred.

  9. Bi-lingual proficiency preferred.


  1. Provide in-person assistance to individuals applying for health insurance coverage through the New York State of Health (NYSOH) marketplace at the time of initial application and at annual renewal.

  2. Educate potential enrollees about the NYSOH and the types of insurance programs offered through the NYSOH.

  3. Facilitate selection of a Qualified Health Plan in the NYSOH or when appropriate an Insurance Affordability Program.

  4. Provide information and assistance to small businesses that provide health insurance to their employees through the SHOP marketplace.

  5. Work a flexible schedule that includes some early mornings, evenings and weekends.

  6. Some travel within five county service areas required.

  7. Conduct public education activities to raise awareness about the NYSOH including outreach to small businesses.

  8. Maintain an expertise in eligibility, enrollment and program specification for various insurance programs available through the NYSOH.

  9. Provide information in a fair and impartial manner which is culturally and linguistically appropriate, and disability accessible, for populations served under the exchange, including those with limited English proficiency.

  10. Assist potential enrollees with grievances, complaints or questions regarding their health coverage or a determination related to their coverage.

  11. Attend training on the NYSOH and related topics as required by NYS DOH and STIC.

  12. Collect data and prepare and submit required reports in a timely manner.

  13. Develop and maintain cultural and community awareness of the population being served throughout STIC’s service area. This includes understanding the unique needs and challenges of the population and communities within the service area.

  14. Assist in forming and cultivating a network of community leaders and fellow professionals in order to spread awareness and availability of the navigator program and its services and generate subsequent referrals to the program.

  15. Other related tasks as required and time permits.

Southern Tier Independence Center, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. It is our policy to hire the best qualified applicant for the position, without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status, gender, religion, veteran status, sexual orientation, genetic disposition or carrier status.