Nurse Evaluator / RRDS

Position: Nurse Evaluator NHTD Waiver / TBI Waiver Regional Resource Development Specialist

Hours: 40-hours per week Non-Exempt


  1. Licensed Registered Nurse with four years of professional experience in working with individuals with disabilities (including TBI) and/or seniors in a managerial capacity.

  2. Excellent supervisory, communication, organization, presentation, training, computer and multi-tasking skills.

  3. Current certification to conduct PRI and Screens.

  4. Experience developing relationships with institutions and/or community-based entities

  5. Proven skills in planning, community networking, and collaboration.

  6. Skilled in program development/implementation, community outreach, coordinating activities, evaluating data, and establishing priorities.

  7. Comprehensive knowledge of 1915 waivers, services and supports available through Medicaid/Medicare and/or other third party payers, and community-based resources for seniors and/or people with disabilities (especially the TBI and NHTD Waivers), strongly preferred.

  8. Excellent problem-solving, conflict resolution, and investigating skills.

  9. Excellent assessment, screening, and interviewing skills.

  10. Strong commitment to the integration of people with disabilities into the community.


  1. Travel within the 12 county region and surrounding areas, as needed.

  2. Conduct PRI and Screening, as needed.

  3. Assist the RRDC staff to evaluate medically complex cases and determine appropriateness of community placements.

  4. Assist RRDC staff and wavier providers to determine what services are necessary to safely serve/support TBI wavier applicants and participants in the community.

  5. Ensure all documentation mandated by STIC and DOH is collected and submitted in an accurate and timely manner, including service plans, regional cost-neutrality requirements, etc.

  6. Conduct intake process for potential TBI participants and keep them informed of their eligibility/program status; make referrals to other services/programs as necessary; and continually advocate for the participant and their families in order to ensure best possible quality services and most integrated community living.

  7. Review and make a determination regarding the Initial Application Package and Service Plans

  8. Participate in a comprehensive outreach/education campaign, targeting the public, providers, and applicable others, using a wide variety of mediums.

  9. Develop/maintain relationships with local and state disability and senior-related entities, and refer waiver participants to community services.

  10. Develop/maintain relationships with nursing homes and hospitals to identify potential participants and to facilitate their re-entry into the community.

  11. Continually monitor the quality of waiver provider services and take appropriate action in situations of quality concerns and/or misuse of waiver services.

  12. Assist with recruitment, interviewing, technical assistance and training of prospective/new waiver providers and make recommendations to DOH.

  13. Recommend to DOH waiver providers that should be surveyed and/or audited.

  14. Participate in team and provider meetings, training’s, regional forums, etc.

  15. Participate in the Serious Reportable Incident process as described in the TBI work plans.

  16. Recommend improvements to TBI/NHTD waiver policies and procedures to DOH.

  17. If time permits, assist DOH staff with functions and special projects of the TBI waivers.

Southern Tier Independence Center, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. It is our policy to hire the best-qualified applicant for the position without regard to race, color, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender, national origin, age, or veteran status.