STIC’s Mission

STIC’s mission is to shape a world in which people with disabilities are empowered to live fully integrated lives in their communities. We offer assistance, advocacy and services to children and adults with all disabilities, increasing their independence and allowing them to pursue their dreams. We also support their families and friends, as well as businesses, agencies, and governmental entities, enabling them to better meet the needs of people with disabilities. Finally, we educate and influence our community and public policy so that everyone can “Access Their World.”

The Independent Living Philosophy

People with disabilities should be empowered to control the direction of their own lives. This means choosing their goals, plotting their course and taking responsibility for their actions and the results. People with disabilities have the right to make their own choices and decisions and the right to make mistakes and learn / benefit from those mistakes. Centers for Independent living (CILs) foster independence, help people with disabilities to develop networks / supports and promote self-reliance. CILs advocate for the inclusion and integration of people with disabilities in all aspects of community life.

STIC’s Values

We value the ability of every human being to reach for their dream.

We hold that each individual has strengths and weaknesses that must be taken into account in their journey toward their dreams. Each individual must accept the responsibility for the dream, the journey, as well as the work to get there.

We offer support, ideas, tools, training, respect and concern.

We will not do for, when it can be done by the person.

We will not patronize for the sake of efficiency, or under the guise of caring. We will try to understand when this causes fear, anger and frustration.

As we develop programs and policies, we will be guided by the dreams and abilities of the people we serve.

No matter how difficult the road, we will always choose the path of inclusion and integration.

We will not sacrifice our principles or values for money, convenience or expediency.

We will not shy away from controversy if that controversy will further our mission.

We offer hope and continue to look at each person as a unique and joyful experience that will teach us, and take us on a journey where we have never been.