magazines / publications

Closing the Gap – Newspaper focusing on computer technology for people with disabilities

Crip Commentary – Laura Hershey’s weekly web column 

Deaf Life Magazine – Back issues, subscription information, links

Dendron – Magazine by and for psychiatric survivors

Disabled American Veterans Magazine 

Exceptional Parent Magazine

Federal Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services – Official government information and documents

Institute on Disability Culture – Links to several disability arts sites, and an archive of disability newsgroup articles, including Manifesto online magazine

Institute on Independent Living – International site featuring discussion forums, links to disability issues coalitions, and information/documents on disability rights issues

Mouth Magazine – Simply the funniest, most radical, strangest, and best Disability Rights publication in the known universe
New Mobility Magazine Online

Rehab Report Magazine

The Center for an Accessible Society – Articles on current issues in the disability community

The Center on Human Policy – A Syracuse University program that is involved in policy, research, and advocacy for the rights of people with disabilities

Today’s Caregiver magazine