OLMSTEAD HOUSING SUBSIDY (OHS) – Housing Specialists with the Olmstead Housing Subsidy (OHS) are available to assist participants, who have Medicaid, are 55 and older or 18 and older with a documented chronic disability.  OHS is intended to help high-needs Medicaid recipients that have lived in a nursing home for 120 days and are homeless. Housing Specialists assist people with enrollment in the Olmstead Housing Subsidy Program; serve as a liaison with landlords; conduct inspections of rental units to ensure health and safety; and hold monthly calls with all participants.

RAPID TRANSITION HOUSING PROGRAM (RTHP) – Rapid Transition Housing Program (RTHP) Specialists are available to assist participants receiving Medicaid; and have one or more documented physical disability, and two or more chronic conditions (e.g., asthma, diabetes).  All participants must fit in the category of being unstably housed/or homeless, and high utilizers of Medicaid. Referrals are to be made by Hospitals, Managed Care Organizations, Medical Respites, Performing Provider Systems, or a Skilled Nursing Facility.