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The Job Connections program at STIC provides supported employment services to people with disabilities. These services offer people the opportunity to pursue employment goals, with or without prior work related experience. Funding for supported employment services is provided under contract with Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) and under the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) HCBS Waiver.


There are four different Supported Employment programs available. Each is designed to meet individuals where they are, based on their prior work experience and job readiness. Individuals may participate in one or more program simultaneously to meet their specific needs, preferences, and goals. All four programs are available to residents of Broome, Tioga, and Chenango counties.

  • COMING SOON!- Community Based Pre-Vocational Services (CBPV)

  • Intensive Supported Employment (Intensive SEMP)

    • Employment Training Program (ETP)

    • Job Preparation and Job Placement Services

  • Extended Supported Employment (Extended SEMP)

Community Based Pre-Vocational Services (CBPV)

Launching for the first time at STIC in early 2024, CBPV is considered a pre-employment service and is best suited for individuals with little or no work experience. In this program participants will focus on exploring vocational interests, gaining work related experiences, and developing non-job specific skills such as communication, time management, and travel training. CBPV can be provided individually or in small groups over the course of an extended period of time. Yearly assessments are used to determine whether an individual is ready to pursue the next steps toward becoming employed in a fully integrated, competitive setting. The program can also support individuals who are interested in pursuing self-employment. Now accepting referrals.

Intensive Supported Employment (SEMP)

Intensive SEMP services are designed to support individuals who are ready to enter the competitive work environment and have a good idea of what they would like to do. Intensive SEMP focuses on helping individuals to prepare for, obtain, maintain, and/or advance in competitive or self employment. The service will focus on interviewing skills, resume building, increasing independence, facilitating relationships, and developing natural supports in the workplace. All competitive employment positions obtained in SEMP must pay at a rate equal to or above minimum wage and be located in fully integrated settings. Individuals pursuing self-employment are not required to earn minimum wage. Participants will receive on-site coaching as well as off-site support and assistance. The desired outcome for participants in Intensive SEMP is to achieve successful employment for at least 45 days. When this is achieved, participants will transition to Extended SEMP services.

Employment Training Program (ETP)

ETP is a time-limited type of Intensive SEMP that is designed for individuals who are ready to enter the competitive work environment, but have limited work experience. Participants will begin with a period of discovery, followed by a period of job development. The discovery period involves assessments, interviews, and observations to help clearly identify the individual’s goals, strengths, interests, and potential barriers, as well as establish what types of support they will need to be successful in the workplace. The job development process involves identifying what actual jobs would meet their needs, searching for, applying, and interviewing for available positions. When an appropriate position has been identified, STIC will negotiate a paid internship placement on behalf of the individual. Negotiated internship periods are typically 6-12 months in duration depending on the individual’s progress toward their goals. During the internship period, OPWDD pays the participant’s wages and employers agree to hire the participant as a regular employee upon successful completion of the internship period. Upon being hired by the employer, the participant is discharged from ETP and transitioned into Intensive or Extended Supported Employment.

Extended Supported Employment (SEMP)

Extended SEMP is a service designed to support individuals who are already working to maintain their employment long term and/or advance their career. The service is focused on continual skills and career development combined with periodic work performance evaluations. Participants will receive on-site coaching at least twice per month and will continue to receive off-site support and assistance as needed. Extended SEMP services may remain in place for as long as the individual wishes to receive them.

Other services are available through our contract with ACCES-VR such as Entry Services including Group Orientation and Application Assistance, Benefits Advisement, Assessment, and Assistive Technology Services.


Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities may be eligible for supported employment through OPWDD. Those interested in the service should inquire with their local OPWDD Front Door Office, or if already enrolled other OPWDD services, consult with their Care Manager.

Individuals with mental illness, developmental/intellectual, visual/hearing impairments, or other related disabilities may also be eligible for supported employment services through ACCES-VR.  Those interested in the service should inquire with their local ACCES-VR office.


OPWDD’s EmployAbility Toolkit offers resources for businesses owners and operators to provide information about the benefits of hiring people with disabilities, including financial and tax incentives.

Click here for FAQ’s for Employers PDF


For questions contact the Employment Director by phone at 607-724-2111 or by email at