Family and Community Engagement Centers

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) Office of Special Education (OSE) has created a coordinated and cohesive network of support. This support is focused on enhancing services and supports for students with disabilities from early childhood and school-age education to engagement in post-school opportunities. The network is called the OSE Educational Partnership and will increase district capacity using an intensive team approach to technical assistance and professional development that is implemented with consistency across New York State.

 The South Family and Community Engagement Centers are able to assist by :

● Supporting families to be fully engaged in their child’s educational process
● Building collaborative relationships with schools, community and families
● Providing information and training to providers and families to improve outcomes for all students
● Providing regional learning opportunities, targeted skill groups and intensive partnerships for families, schools and the community

 The South FACE Centers will support families and schools in the BT, DCMO, GST and ONC BOCES Regions. We work under the guidance of the NYSED Office of Special Education along with the Southeast and Southwest Regional Partnership Centers.

The South FACE Centers are approved CTLE Providers 

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