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**As of July 1st, Medicaid Service Coordination will transition to Health Home Care Management. STIC has aligned with Prime Care Coordination, a designated Care Coordination Organization in our region, which will be able to provide you with the best possible service. We are happy to help you enroll with Prime Care prior to July 1st, and can provide you with more information regarding Care Coordination. We have worked closely with Prime Care to ensure all of your needs will be met, and we encourage you to reach out to the Prime Care team if you have any additional questions.**

Medicaid Service Coordination is a Medicaid state plan service provided by the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). MSC assists persons with developmental disabilities in gaining access to necessary services and supports appropriate to the needs of the individual. MSC is provided by qualified service coordinators using a person-centered planning process to develop, implement, monitor, and maintain an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) with and for people with developmental disabilities.


MSC is designed to help the individual strive for the highest quality of life, with a focus on assisting each person to achieve his/her unique goals and desires such as having a home, an integrated job in the community, a circle of friends, enjoyable leisure activities, and access to medical and clinical services. Services available may consist of respite care, day or residential habilitation, adaptive equipment or environmental modifications, residential options, employment opportunities, consolidated support services, and family education and training.

The MSC will work together with the individual and their family to develop a personalized plan (ISP) to meet his/her goals. The Coordinator will have contact with the individual, providers, or family, either in person or by phone or email each month to monitor needs and services. At least 6 times per year the MSC will meet face to face with the individual, three of these visits must be in the home. Twice per year the MSC will review the ISP with the consumer in order to keep it current and monitor the services being received. The MSC will be available to connect people with services, make referrals, provide support and advocacy.

Individuals ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE of MSCs and of agencies providing MSC.

Medicaid Home & Community Based Services Waiver
HCBS Waivers provide services and supports to children and adults with long term needs (and to their families) to enable them to remain at home and in the community. Waiver services allow Medicaid to pay for some services not provided through regular Medicaid, such as Service Coordination, Respite, Day or Community Habilitation Approved Home Adaptations and Adaptive Technology. Parental income and assets are not considered when determining a child’s eligibility for Medicaid; only the child’s income and assets are considered.

In order to receive MSC, a person must meet all of the following criteria:

• Have a documented diagnosis of a developmental disability and qualify for OPWDD services
• Be (or become) enrolled in Medicaid *choose to receive MSC
• Not live permanently in an Intermediate Care Facility, Developmental Center, Psychiatric
Hospital, Small Residential Unit, Nursing Facility or Hospital, or any other Medicaid funded setting that provides service coordination.

Service Area
STIC provides MSC in Broome, Tioga and Chenango Counties.

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Contact -
Call STIC and request to speak to a Care Manager Supervisor
Phone: (607) 724-2111 or toll free at (877) 722-9150 (Voice and TTY)
Fax: (607) 772-3602

Picture of two children that Medicaid Service Coordination help with getting services needed in community.

“The Independent Living Philosophy of STIC shines through in the dedication and creativity our service coordinator shows in pursuing inclusion and access to opportunities for my child.“
-Susan L., parent