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Behavioral Consulting Services and Program Design
Our Behavior Specialist assists children with disabilities and their families in finding ways to address behavioral challenges, as well as to increase independence, social skills development, community inclusion activities. Services are designed to meet individual needs, as well as those of household members, school personnel, and others as appropriate, with the goal of improving behaviors and the quality of life for consumers and their families.

Purpose of the Behavioral Consulting and Program Design Services

Behavioral/ Program Design services provide support to families with children with a wide range of disabilities. The Behavioral Specialist works with the family to create and implement programs and strategies designed to improve the quality of life for the child and the family as a whole. These strategies are designed to increase independence and inclusion across multiple settings (home, school, community). These programs may span all domains of the child’s life, including behavioral issues, social skills, communication skills, and independent living skills.

Commonly Addressed Areas / Skills
• Behavior – Decreasing undesirable behaviors as well as increasing desired behaviors at home and in the community
• Communication – Increasing appropriate/ effective communication
• Life Skills – Self-help, cooking, independence at home, etc.
• Social Skills – Developing skills to encourage appropriate interaction with other people, including family, friends, and support staff
• Community Integration – Skill development increases participation in community activities; including safety, eating out, public outings with family and/ or support staff

Service Area
Behavioral Consulting and Design services are available in Broome, Tioga and Chenango Counties.

Eligibility for Behavioral Consulting and Program Design is dependent on the funding source that will pay for services. These services may be available to certain individuals with OPWDD eligibility, through Early Intervention, Committees on Pre-School Education (CPSE) and School Districts.

Rachel Schwartz, Behavioral Program Design Specialist
Phone: (607) 724-2111 or toll free at (877) 722-9150 (Voice and TTY)
Fax: (607) 772-3606